Flight tracker for the aircraft enthusiasts

If you are interested in aircraft and the routes that planes fly by, then it is possible to use a lot of your spare time on a flight tracker, available on the Internet. You do not think about it, but the sky is a network of air routes, that for God’s sake, should not collide in any way, which makes it an interesting science coordinating aircraft routes. There are many different aspects to hang together, if you think about it, when not only the routes but also landing and departures in the different airports. One should also be aware that delays make you need to be flexible, so that you can get all aircraft down and up again despite long delays.

Flight Tracker shows the way

On air-scanner.com you can see all the planes and airports + much more

On air-scanner.com you can see all the planes and airports + much more

Flight Tracker is your path to familiarize yourself with a world that you may not give much thought, as you just expect it to work. But there are thousands of aircraft on the wings all the time around the world, which means there must constantly be staff to direct these aircraft safely. Flight Tracker gives you an impressive overview of the different aircraft worldwide, showing how extensive air travel really is. One can easily become completely trapped by the big map, and the many planes, but you must remember that you can easily focus on the individual aircraft. It is very fun if you know someone who is flying, and thus find their departures, but you can also just look different routes.

Use the flight tracker against boredom

So, if sometimes you just sit there bored, and you are interested in planes and their routes, this is the perfect pastime for you. Flight tracker gives a fascinating insight into the world of coordinated traffic between all parts of the world. It is far more sophisticated than is the case with traffic on the ground, since they make the roads to direct it all. The airspace is huge, but there is still need to use the right routes, as to not use too much fuel. In addition, you fly at certain heights to get the most out of the trip, which also limits air space. Radar technology and autopilot, has made it easier for planes to reach their destination without major problems, but it is still interesting to follow.