Fascinating air traffic

Air traffic has always been one of the most fascinating things that man has coordinated. It may well be that there is much more room to move on when you’re in the air, but at the same time, there are no roads and signs showing where to fly over. At the same time, the large-ton machines, flying with over 800 km / h, and here you need to adjust well in advance if you are on a collision course. It is especially at airports that coordination must be excellent, as many planes come and go all the time and you must make sure that the planes use the correct paths to avoid problems.

Airports are hubs for air traffic

Visualization of air traffic over Europe

Visualization of air traffic over Europe

In the largest airports, there are several thousand people who must get through every single day, and this puts a great strain on the organization of the planes and runways, so everything is in perfect order. The problem with aircraft is that when an accident happens, it can have fatal consequences. You cannot just drive a plane into the ditch when the angle in which it lands is essential in relation to the plane ending up in one piece. That is why it is so important that everything is done by the book every time. Both pilots and coordinators must be highly trained and extremely sharp to be allowed to control either the plane or air traffic, since they really are holding many people’s lives in their hands.

Weather can affect air traffic

It is important for well-functioning air traffic that everything runs per a certain schedule on time. Of course, you can never quite know what to do about the weather, which can play a huge role. Storms and fog can cause major problems at airports and for pilots, which in some cases may decide to postpone departures to be to be on the safe side. Many have probably tried to fly and being hit by turbulence, which can be uncomfortable and annoying when you cannot really do anything, and all operations will be suspended. In the end, you must be happy that a well-functioning air traffic has made sure to make the world a much smaller place and that relatively easily travel to the other side of the world. It has certainly helped to connect the world together.