The sky is a network of air routes that spreads like a spider web across the globe. It is certainly no coincidence when your plane flies its planned route towards its destination. All of it is carefully planned all over the world, so no planes have any chance of having to bump into another plane in its path. It is essential for air travel around the world that everyone is aware of where flying aircraft are at what times, so you can plan the various departures. You fly with a speed of 800 km/h in the highest altitudes, so there is no time for the big evasive maneuvers in a big airliner.

Studying of air routes

Air routes above Europe seen at night

Air routes above Europe seen at night

Many find it interesting to study air routes as they spread like a network, and even though the sky seems infinite, it needs to be timed down to the smallest details to make room for all the planes in the air. There is an opportunity to do just that, if you go on the internet and search for flights. In this way one can get themselves an idea of how complicated it all is and how many hours of work around the clock that’s used to make everything go up to a higher level. It is precisely this which many find exciting when it comes to aircraft and their routes as it shows one of the most impressive processes which man has organized.

Air routes within the time frame

It is probably this complexity and the need for a set time schedule that captures the attention of many because you can typically organize aircraft departures and arrivals in a very precise manner. The fact that you can follow it online could be a very attractive craze for many who have an interest in aircraft, and which may have worked in the industry. Developments in this area highlight the way air traffic unfolds worldwide. Especially after a plane disappeared in recent times, there’s been more focus on the surveillance of aircraft and if the world can sit and watch, there can suddenly be many eyes looking for the same thing. There’s no doubt that many will find interest in following the above routes and make it a hobby to have an overview of world aviation, and one cannot say much more than that, this is more relevant than so much else.