Aircraft radar changed modern traffic

When one thinks of how air traffic is coordinated, one is often surprised that there are no more accidents than what happen when you have a lot of big machines that fly very quickly to land the same place. It’s all been made possible by the radar, which plays a very important role in the coordination of air traffic. The radar allows the control towers and aircraft to see what else is in the air space, and thus avoid collision.

The war developed the aircraft radar

Many of the greatest technological advances are made in connection with the military, and especially when you are at war. WW2 is a good example of this, where the radar played a major role in the Allies’ ultimate victory. That this has later been used for more civilian tasks must be said to be a perfect situation for all parties. Radar has now been created as an aircraft radar so that it can be useful in peaceful times and thus ensure that air traffic is much better than it ever has been before. War is generally a terrible time, but within the field of technology pushes the participants to the utmost to find an advantage, allowing many inventions that is especially beneficial for traffic.

Aircraft radar in place of the radio

Previously, it was radio contact, map and human coordination from the control towers, which made sure that air travel went, as it should. The radar has revolutionized this and made sure that human error cannot play as big a role as the former may have made in aviation. Aircraft radar in the modern world is a very important part of the plane, but accidents can still happen, as seen with the plane from Malaysia. Here the radar inexplicably turned off, so that the control towers were no longer able to follow the plane’s course, and thus an accident could happen without one had any idea what happened. Aircraft radar can thus be said to be one of the most important parts of the traffic as we know it today, as it has so many different benefits. The more advanced our radar technology becomes, the easier it is to keep track of all sorts of traffic and in this way to ensure that it is coordinated to perfection. The radar has certainly made it a lot safer to fly than before.